South Hill Horticultural Show – 53rd Year

South Hill Show

Ready for judging

On Saturday August 18th 2012 the rain stopped for a day to allow us to enjoy our annual “Flower Show”.

Vegetable entries

It has been a difficult year for fruit, vegetables and flowers, making it even more of a challenge than usual, but entries were of a high standard even so.  Ken Trewin and Norman Trewartha battled for top prizes in the vegetable categories as usual, but with stiff competition from Kim Howat and Colin Kinsman.

Orange and Sultana Cake




There was a fine range of food entries, with twelve people opting to enter the Orange and Sultana Cake from the recipe included in the Programme.  Elizabeth Howat won first prize in this category.

Animals made out of vegetables

Winning a cup was even more of a victory in the children’s sections, as there were so many entries in each class.  All entries were excellent – so good in fact that all of the six “Animals Made Out Of Vegetables” were awarded First Prize!

There was also a raffle, tombola stall, car boot sale, and cream teas with a gazebo outside because the weather was perfect.

All in all another successful Show, thanks to the Show committee Marina Herbert, Jill Reynolds, Andrea Hill, Cat  & Lucy Ede….
and the officers Jenny Jane, Jill Long, Isabelle Ramage, Wendy Trewin, Myra Locock, Sue Palmer, Peggy Ede, Susan Hicks, John Tidball.

TrophiesSpecial thanks also go to the judges, Roger Finnamore (vegetables), Mary Gage (Floral Art), Owen Hoskin (cut flowers and pot plants), Alison Gribble (cookery and preserves), Jacqui Martin (handicrafts), Dorothy Bricknell (children’s classes) and Dr David Price (photography). Prizes were presented by David and Sarah Short.


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